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Death by Meeting

Death by Meeting

By Patrick Lencioni


Death by Meeting focuses on a cure for the most painful yet underestimated problem of modern business: bad meetings. And what he suggests is both simple and revolutionary. Pat provides a framework for his groundbreaking model, and makes it applicable to the real world. Death by Meeting is nothing short of a blueprint for leaders who want to eliminate waste and frustration among their teams, and create environments of engagement and passion.

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The Concept

Bad meetings are not inevitable. There is nothing inherently boring or unproductive about meetings. They are the activity at the center of every organization, and should therefore be both interesting and relevant in the lives of participants. If we can just turn everything we know about meetings upside down—replace agendas and decorum with passion and conflict—we can transform drudgery into meaningful advantage.

Daily Check-in Weekly tactical Monthly strategic Quarterly off-site review Download PDF

    Share daily schedules and activities


    Review weekly activities and metrics, and resolve tactical obstacles and issues.


    Discuss, analyze, brainstorm and decide upon critical issues affecting long term success.


    Review strategy, competitive landscape, industry trends, key personnel, and team development.

  • *This model was originally presented in Patrick Lencioni's book Death By Meeting

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