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The Truth About Employee Engagement

The Truth About Employee Engagement

By Patrick Lencioni


The Truth About Employee Engagement takes on the universal problem of job dissatisfaction. The book presents managers with a practical, new approach for engaging employees in order to maximize their potential. Studies show, an employee's relationship with their direct manager is the most important determinant to employee satisfaction, more than pay, benefits, perks and work-life balance.

* The Truth About Employee Engagement was originally published as The Three Signs of a Miserable Job

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The Concept

The job misery model gives managers a framework and tools to engage, motivate and retain employees by eliminating the three primary causes of job misery: Anonymity, Irrelevance and Immeasurement. At first, these three causes may seem obvious and easy to resolve. Yet, they often remain unaddressed by even the most well-meaning managers. Those willing to make the commitment will enjoy a loyal, productive and enthusiastic workforce that will be a differentiator in today's competitive landscape.

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    People cannot be fulfilled in their work if they do not feel known. All human beings need to be understood and appreciated for their unique qualities by someone in a position of authority.


    Everyone needs to know that their job matters to someone—anyone. Without seeing a connection between their work and the satisfaction of other people, an employee will not find lasting fulfillment.


    Employees need to be able to gauge their own progress and level of contribution. People cannot be fulfilled in their work if their success depends entirely on the opinions or whims of another person.

Characteristics of Engaged Employees

Managers willing to address the three causes will experience engaged employees who:

  • Find fulfillment, enthusiasm and passion in their work

  • Show more attention to detail

  • Develop a sense of ownership and pride in their work

  • Pitch-in in areas outside of their own responsibility

  • Stay within the organization; thereby, reducing turnover

  • Help attract other quality employees

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