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Reaching Out to All Consultants and Practitioners

By Patrick Lencioni - October 2019

Employee Engagement

We’re reaching out to anyone and everyone who provides consulting or coaching to internal or external clients around leadership, teamwork or anything related to organizational health.

During this uncertain time, we’ve come to realize two things: 1) Leaders are in greater need of your help than ever, and 2) being a consultant is more challenging and isolating than ever. To address both of these issues, we’re putting together a new and relatively informal program to help you serve your clients and preserve the strength of your practice. We’re calling it CAPA, the Consultant and Practitioner Alliance.

Of course, there is no economic or financial commitment required of you. We simply want to provide you with practical perspective, support, advice and community so that you can continue to do the same for your clients. They really do need you more than you probably realize, and they’re going to need you whenever this current situation passes. And it will pass.

Our first activity will be a live webinar on Tuesday, March 31, at 10:00 a.m. PT, 1:00 p.m. ET. We’ll be sharing perspectives on how we can best serve the needs of clients during this unprecedented period.

And we’d like to ask you to do two things. First,  register now  for the webinar on Tuesday. Second,  share this  invitation with anyone you know who might benefit from it. Until then, stay safe and keep pouring into your clients.