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Thoughts from the Field - The Three Signs of a Miserable Job

By Patrick Lencioni - August 2007

Last week we met with all of our Consulting Partners from across the country at our 3rd Annual Consulting Partner Conference. During this past year, our Consulting Partners have collectively worked with an amazing 200+ clients, many of you included. At our gathering we shared client stories and best practices, fine-tuned consulting skills and more.

We also spent considerable time talking about The Three Signs of a Miserable Job and the model’s potential impact on companies both large and small. All of our Consulting Partners are excited about helping organizations transform their culture from one where misery lives to one where fulfilled employees are driving the company’s results. If you are interested in learning more, or talking with a local consultant about working with your team, click here »

For those managers who want to start addressing the Three Signs on their own with employees, a new tracking tool on our website called the Anti-Misery Worksheet can help. This worksheet gives you some advice on avoiding the three signs and allows managers to monitor how they are performing with an employee over time. Click here to download the tool »